Colin from Wilmec Systems came to our cottage and fixed a leak on a Saturday morning. He was the only person who answered his phone after calling 4 other plumbers. I highly recommend this company.
Wilmec Systems installed our washer and dryer as well as tended to other plumbing issues at our newly purchased home. They were very responsive, professional and did a great job. We would highly recommend this company for any and all plumbing needs. They even offer 24/7 service and we have yet to find any professional and licensed service provider in the Georgian Triangle who do that!
Excellent service and quality of work
Colin answered his phone, came on time and did the work quickly and well for my kitchen renovation. Highly recommended!
Colin from Wilmec Systems replaced a garden sump pump in the backyard of our house. He did what he said he will in a timely manner, very efficient, no troubles whatsoever. Will always recommend them.
We got our sump pump replaced in April 2017. Wilmec did the job very professionally and efficiently with useful comments and advice. We highly recommend their services.
I had,what I thought, was a serious problem with my septic pump in the lower level of my house. I called Wilmec and in less than 24 hrs, Ryan showed up. I showed Ryan the problem and indicated to him that I thought a new septic pump was in order and left him to his task. Five minutes later, he called me downstairs to show me that the problem was just a disconnected pipe and a new clamp would fix the problem. I was ready to write a substantial cheque and they could have replaced the pump and I would not have been the wiser. If you need to hire a plumber you can trust, Wilmec is one I can vouch for 100% Vel Ivardi
Colin is quick to respond and does excellent work. I would highly recommend this business.